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BeWater project partners meet up in Tunisia

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 Posted in BeWater News, News

The BeWater project is entering its final year. The project partners gathered in Hammamet (Tunisia) on 19 and 20 April for the 6th steering committee meeting to discuss major project tasks that will be completed during remaining months. These tasks include, amongst others, the completion of the River Basin Adaptation Plans for four case study river basins, the development of a handbook on best practices, the policy analysis and the organisation of several events and the final conference. The project partners will meet again in spring 2017.


Meeting Hammamet April16 300On the first day, the project partners briefed each other on recent achievements and tasks ahead. During March and April 2017 the third round of stakeholder workshops was organised in in the Pedieos, Rmel, Tordera and Vipava river basins. The outcomes of these workshops were presented by the case study partners CyIINRGREF, CREAF and IzVRS and Ecologic Institute, illustrating how these outcomes will be used to finalise the River Basin Adaptation Plans, which will be published during summer 2016. Lessons learnt during the development of these river basin adaptation plans will be synthesised in a handbook. This handbook aims to constitute a reference for other Mediterranean river basins by offering experience-based guidelines outlining the different steps and considerations involved in designing a river basin adaptation plan. The handbook will be published by the end of 2016.

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Case Study Focus: Rmel

Rmel River Basin is located in the Governorate of Zaghouan, in eastern Tunisia. It covers an area of 740 km2 and covers a population of 40,000 inhabitants.... read more

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