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Recipe for success in River Basin Adaptation Planning

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 Posted in BeWater News, News

A new BeWater infographic shares a recipe for participation from science and society in river basin adaptation planning.

Veure el vídeo a YouTube amb subtítols en català!

New handbook on participatory adaptation planning

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 Posted in Tordera Society, Spain , News, Vipava Society, Slovenia , BeWater News, Pedieos Society, Cyprus, Rmel Society, Tunisia

Collaboration between science and society has led to the publication of a handbook documenting the participatory approach used in developing adaptive management plans for river basins.

The handbook, a product of three years' collaborative work during the EU-funded BeWater Project, describes the BeWater approach, which brought together experts, practitioners, policy makers and citizens to plan for adaptation to global change in four Mediterranean river basins.

The step-by-step guide facilitates replication and modification of the approach by other basins that wish to undertake a scientific participatory process to increase river basin resilience. The handbook is also intended to support environmental decision-making processes in other fields and sectors.

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  • Andrea Leone

    Andrea Leone

    Joint Research Centre – European Commission (JRC) , Scientific Advisor

Case Study Focus: Rmel

Rmel River Basin is located in the Governorate of Zaghouan, in eastern Tunisia. It covers an area of 740 km2 and covers a population of 40,000 inhabitants.... read more

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